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HTML 4.0 Programming: Level 1 (Multi-platform)

Course specifications

Course number: 075 906

Software version number: 4.0

Course length: 1 day

Hardware/software required to run this course

In order to run this course, you will need:

  • An 80486-based computer.
  • 16 MB of RAM.
  • 80 MB of disk space.
  • Windows 95 or newer.
  • A network card or modem and a phone line.
  • An appropriate TCP/IP configuration for your network. Contact your Network Administrator if you are unsure.
  • A "live" connection to the Internet; either a dial-up or dedicated connection is suitable.
  • A copy of Internet Explorer version 4.01 or newer or Netscape Communicator version 4.05 or newer.
  • Sound card for the instructor’s PC (optional).

See your reference manual for hardware considerations that apply to your specific hardware setup.

Course description

Overview: Students will learn HTML code.

Prerequisites: Windows 95 or greater, using the Internet, experience with Netscape or Microsoft browsers or equivalent knowledge.

Delivery method: Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Benefits: Students will learn how to create Web pages using HTML code.

Target student: Students enrolling in this course should understand how to use Windows 95 or greater as well as a browser for the Internet.

What's next: HTML 4.0 Programming: Level 1 is the first course in this series. HTML 4.0 Programming: Level 2, the next course in this series, teaches student how to create more advanced Web pages.

Performance-based objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the components of an HTML file and create such a file.
  • Format paragraphs and characters using HTML.
  • Link to local files and Web pages from their Web pages.
  • Add graphics and sound to their Web pages using HTML.
  • Create different kinds of lists to their Web page using HTML.
  • Create multi-column and multi-row tables using HTML.
  • Set background colors and graphics for Web pages.
  • Evaluate Web page design and consider design issues that affect web pages.
  • Add links to non-Web Internet sites from their Web pages.

Course content

Lesson 1: Overview of HTML

  • Overview
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Creating an HTML document

Lesson 2: Formatting text with HTML

  • Paragraph formatting with HTML
  • Character formatting with HTML
  • Comparing procedural and descriptive formatting

Lesson 3: Adding local and remote links

  • Adding local links
  • Adding remote links
  • Adding internal links with the named anchor tag

Lesson 4: Adding graphics and sound

  • Linking to and embedding graphics
  • Linking to multimedia files

Lesson 5: Creating lists in HTML

  • Creating lists
  • Creating nested lists

Lesson 6: Creating tables in HTML

  • Creating and modifying tables
  • Creating advanced table elements

Lesson 7: Setting body and background attributes

  • Setting backgrounds and text colors
  • Lesson 8: Web page design guidelines

  • Web page style considerations
  • Lesson 9: Adding links to other Internet services

  • Links to non-Web Internet services
  • More Information
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