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JavaScript: Advanced Programming (Third Edition)

Course Specifications

Course number: 085595
Course length: 2.0 day(s)

Course Description

Course Objective: You will use the advanced techniques in JavaScript programming to add more functionality, in order to make the web pages interactive and dynamic.

Target Student: Advanced JavaScript Programming is intended for the student who is an experienced developer of web pages and has experience with JavaScript. Students should be comfortable creating web pages, writing HTML code and basic JavaScripts, and proficient in using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Prerequisites: JavaScript: Programming (Third Edition)

    Hardware Requirements

    For this course, you will need one computer for each student and one for the instructor. Each computer will need the following minimum hardware components:
    • A 1 GHz Pentium-class processor or faster.
    • Minimum 256 MB of RAM.
    • A 8 GB hard disk or larger. You should have at least 1 GB free hard disk space available for the installation of the software.
    • A CD-ROM drive.
    • A mouse or other pointing device.
    • 1024 x 768 resolution monitor recommended.
    • Network cards and cabling for local network access.
    • Internet access (contact your local network administrator).
    • A printer (optional) or an installed printer driver. (Printers are not required; however, each PC must have an installed printer driver to use Print Preview.)
    • A projection system to display the instructor’s computer screen.

    Software Requirements

    Each computer requires the following software:

    • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0.
    • Netscape Browser 8.1.
    • Opera 9.0.
    • Java Development Kit 5.0 Update 5.0.
    • Tomcat-5.5.4 preconfigured version.
    • Adobe Shockwave Player.

    Course Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
    • maintain JavaScript code using programming techniques.
    • implement cross-browser compatibility using JavaScript.
    • create and manipulate custom objects using the custom object's methods.
    • create and manipulate arrays.
    • examine cookies and discuss the various uses of cookies.
    • validate forms using the generic approach.
    • program using DOM API to traverse, modify, and append nodes to documents.
    • use CSS to change the appearance and position of the HTML elements dynamically.
    • use JavaScript to access Java applets and ActiveX controls. You will also communicate with Shockwave files and server applications using JavaScript.

    Course Content

    Lesson 1: Using Programming Techniques

    Topic 1A: Maintain JavaScript Code
    Topic 1B: Debug JavaScript Code
    Lesson 2: Implementing Cross-Browser Compatibility

    Topic 2A: Provide Support For Multiple Browsers
    Topic 2B: Detect Browser Compatibility
    Topic 2C: Detect Browser and JavaScript Versions
    Topic 2D: Detect Objects
    Topic 2E: Handle Exceptions
    Lesson 3: Using Custom Objects in JavaScript

    Topic 3A: Access Custom Objects
    Topic 3B: Use Constructor Functions
    Topic 3C: Add Methods to Objects
    Topic 3D: Use Prototype Function
    Lesson 4: Working with Arrays

    Topic 4A: Create and Populate Arrays
    Topic 4B: Delete Array Elements
    Topic 4C: Use Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    Lesson 5: Handling Cookies Using JavaScript

    Topic 5A: Use Cookie Objects
    Topic 5B: Store Cookies
    Topic 5C: Process Cookie Values
    Topic 5D: Delete Cookies
    Lesson 6: Validating Forms Using JavaScript

    Topic 6A: Validate Forms Using the Generic Approach
    Topic 6B: Implement Generic Validation Using Custom Objects
    Lesson 7: Programming Using DOM API

    Topic 7A: Traverse Documents
    Topic 7B: Modify Documents
    Topic 7C: Append Nodes to Documents
    Lesson 8: Working with DHTML

    Topic 8A: Change Element Appearance Dynamically
    Topic 8B: Assign and Position Elements Dynamically
    Lesson 9: Communicating with Applets and Server Applications

    Topic 9A: Communicate with Java Applets
    Topic 9B: Communicate with Shockwave Files
    Topic 9C: Communicate with ActiveX
    Topic 9D: Communicate with Server Applications
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