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CorelDRAW 12: Level 1

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CorelDRAW® 12: Level 1

Course Specifications

Course number: 078854
Course length: 2 DOT
Software: CorelDRAW 12

Course Description

CorelDRAW® 12: Level 1 (Windows)is designed for students with little or no experience using CorelDRAW® 12. Students will use their knowledge of graphical design in conjunction with the basic features of CorelDRAW to create engaging and dynamic drawings.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following Element K course or have equivalent knowledge:
  • Windows XP: Introduction

Delivery Method: Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured, hands-on activities.

Hardware/Software Requirements

You will need:

  • A Pentium II, 200 MHz or higher processor.
  • A minimum of 128 MB of RAM (required for Windows XP).
  • A minimum of 200 MB of hard disk space for CorelDRAW 12, after Windows XP is installed.
  • Either a local CD-ROM drive or access to a networked CD-ROM drive.
  • A mouse.
  • A monitor with 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • An Internet connection with access to the World Wide Web, which is necessary to complete a portion of the “Using Clipart, Special Characters, and Symbols” lesson. (Note: Internet access may require payment of a separate fee to a service provider; local charges may also apply.)
  • A Typical installation of Windows XP Professional.
  • A Typical installation of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12.
  • A Typical installation of any browser (preferably Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher) and an Internet connection.

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Identify the components of the CorelDRAW environment, open and close a drawing, and find information using Help.
  • Set up a drawing page, draw shapes, lines, and arrows, add and format text, use the Artistic Media Sprayer tool, and save a drawing.
  • Import a file, ungroup and modify objects, and add graphic images.
  • Add fills to objects, modify outlines, add and clone drop shadows, rotate an object, fit text to a path, group objects, and add a background.
  • Format text with bullets, modify paragraph spacing, wrap text around graphic objects, spell check text in a drawing, and preview and print a drawing.
  • Customize the CorelDRAW environment.
  • Create and edit paragraph text.
  • Create and modify styles and templates.
  • Draw and modify advanced objects.
  • Work with clipart, special characters, and symbols.
  • Set advanced printing options.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with CorelDRAW
Topic 1A: Starting CorelDRAW
Topic 1B: Working with Command Bars
Topic 1C: Opening and Navigating in a Drawing
Topic 1D: CorelDRAW Help
Topic 1E: Closing a Drawing

Lesson 2: Drawing Tools
Topic 2A: The Drawing Area
Topic 2B: Drawing Objects
Topic 2C: Drawing Lines
Topic 2D: Saving a Drawing
Topic 2E: Working with Text
Topic 2F: The Artistic Media Tool

Lesson 3: Working with Objects
Topic 3A: Importing a File
Topic 3B: Modifying Objects
Topic 3C: Adding a Graphic Image
Topic 3D: Working with Text Objects—Copying

Lesson 4: Formatting Objects
Topic 4A: Working with Fills
Topic 4B: Modifying Outlines
Topic 4C: Working with Drop Shadows
Topic 4D: Rotating an Object
Topic 4E: Fit Text to Path
Topic 4F: Additional Formatting Techniques

Lesson 5: Working with Text
Topic 5A: Artistic and Paragraph Text
Topic 5B: Formatting Paragraph Text
Topic 5C: Wrapping Text

Lesson 6: Customizing the Environment
Topic 6A: Customizing the Menu Bar and Standard Toolbar
Topic 6B: Working with Workspaces

Lesson 7: Working with Paragraph Text
Topic 7A: Creating and Modifying Paragraph Text
Topic 7B: Finding and Replacing Text
Topic 7C: Fitting Text
Topic 7D: Importing and Editing OCR Text

Lesson 8: Creating and Modifying Styles and Templates
Topic 8A: Creating and Editing a Text Style
Topic 8B: Working with Templates

Lesson 9: Drawing and Modifying Objects
Topic 9A: Drawing and Editing Curves and Lines
Topic 9B: Using Three-point Tools

Lesson 10: Using Clipart, Special Characters, and Symbols
Topic 10A: Inserting and Editing Clipart from the Web
Topic 10B: Inserting Special Characters
Topic 10C: Creating Symbols

Lesson 11: Using Advanced Printing Options
Topic 11A: Creating and Editing a Print Style
Topic 11B: Using the Print Merge Wizard

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